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Combined lubricant material
Antimony sulfide
Huangshi Jinzhaoyang Powder materials Co., tongji LTD, tongji located in the mineral-rich southeastern Hubei Province, tongji professional R & D, tongji production and marketing of a variety of industry-specific friction materials, tongji powder materials.
Company with many years of mining and beneficiation of their own advantages, tongji with the Central South University Institute of automotive friction materials, tongji powder metallurgy research and development project team for many years co-operation in the process of research projects the hospital team after a long trial and testing developed applicable to all types of friction materials of high quality powder material. And in the key state laboratories and state-level testing center under the supervision of the quality of the product in real-time monitoring of the quality of the company's products and technology at the leading domestic level.
The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, tongji production, tongji sales and service the whole process strictly in accordance with the system requirements for running. Also on the production equipment, tongji processing technology and so on increased investment, tongji to ensure the purity of the product, tongji fineness, tongji particle size distribution and the powder particle shape control, tongji continuously improve product quality and product quality and timely after-sales tracking , tongji the timely processing of user feedback, tongji so that the company products in the friction materials industry's need for raw materials, tongji the quality of protection, tongji has reached advanced level in the same industry, tongji friction materials industry has made to my company's products consensus.
"Quality is the foundation, tongji honesty is the key, tongji service is the protect "is the company spirit and enterprise aim, tongji is willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from various circles at home and abroad to create brilliant.
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