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Combined lubricant material
Antimony sulfide
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Powder material
Product explanation

Physical properties: Black or grey and black; mohs hardness 2.0 – 2.5; density 4.5 – 4.6 g/ cm3
Physiochemical index: Sb2S3: first-grade antimony sulfide Sb:60%, tongji second-grade Sb:30%
Performance: It’s metal sulfide with melting point of 550 。C, tongji which can produce sintering effect similar with that of sintering ceramic materials. Such effect of this material can play double functions as high-temperature inorganic binder and lubricant-friction adjuster, tongji which thus can reduce the using of organic binder (resin). The products of its pyrolysis can not only prevent oxidation and burning of the material under high temperature, tongji which can strengthen the anti-burning performance of the material and thus keep its friction stability, tongji but also reduce the decomposition speed of organic binder under high temperature, tongji which thus can extend the service life of the material. Moreover, tongji the high-temperature reactant of antimony sulfide during the braking course has low harness, tongji which can reduce noise and shake produced from friction materials in braking course. Such characteristics of the material can improve its heat-fading-resistance performance, tongji and thus can reduce abrasion of friction products under high temperature, tongji which makes it one of the necessary materials for producing high-end friction products.

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