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Combined lubricant material
Antimony sulfide
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Powder material
Product explanation
Physical properties: Grey-black cohesive particle; density 1.6 – 2.0 g/ cm3
Physiochemical index: compound material
Performance: (1) It can release braking impact force sustainly which reduces temperature rise.. It transfers a great amount of braking energy to inner part of friction materials through friction particles, tongji which can mostly prevent braking energy from accumulating on the friction interface, tongji and thus can keep the stability of friction coefficient. The products of organic pyrolysis during the braking course of friction materials, tongji such as gas, tongji can be released through tiny conduit of the loosen structure of friction particles, tongji so that the stability of friction coefficient can be kept.
(2) Functional friction particle is a composite of organic and inorganic compounds, tongji which can improve the compatibility of friction materials and friction opposing materials in order not to hurt friction opposing materials.
(3) Decrease vibration; absorb the noise within some wavelength range.
(4) Improve the comprehensive performance of friction materials. It not only reduces the hard hurt between the material itself and the opposing material, tongji which can extend its service life, tongji but also optimizes the friction and wear shapes of friction working interfaces.

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